Q: Is the Original Bike Spirits Spray Cleaner & Polish product a new formulation?
A: No. It is the same formulation previously provided by Amrep, under various private label brands, including Pro Honda Spray Cleaner & Polish and Harley Davidson.

Q: What other products does Original Bike Spirits offer?
A: Our line of quality motorcycle products also include; Spray Cleaner & Polish, Contact/Brake Cleaner, Brake Cleaner, Chain Lube, Chain Lube with White Graphite and Carb Cleaner with more Original Bike Spirits to come.

Q: Where can I buy Original Bike Spirits Products?
A: Original Bike Spirits Products products can be purchased at authorized retail locations. For a location near you, check out Where to Buy.

Q: Is Honda's new Spray Cleaner Polish the same product?
A: Not to our knowledge. Amrep no longer provides this product formulation to Honda and has not authorized Honda to use it.